Congressional Bills Project


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Research assistance:

University of Washington

  • T Jens Feeley was a meticulous project manager for the first 4 years.
  • Barry Pump developed valuable scraping tools for THOMAS
  • Nick Stramp is currently the primary data manager at the UW and exceptionally capable. Kevin Shotwell was instrumental in migrating the project from a bunch of excel files to a relational database with scripts to facilitate updating.
  • while Stephen Purpura and Loren Collingwood developed invaluable tools to facilitate automated topic classification.
  • Asaph Glosser, Sam Workman and Michelle Wolfe been capable database managers at different points in the project.
  • Heather Larsen, Ashley Jochim, Asaph Glosser and Shauna Fisher skillfully trained and supervised several generations of undergraduate research fellows. Several fellows in particular, deserve thanks, including David Roberts, Sean Freeder, and Chad Johnson.

University of Colorado

  • Dennis Still, Greg Young, Michael Berry. Lead research assistants responsible for coding training, data management, proofing protocols and coordinating coding standards with the University of Washington.
  • Jeff Howland Responsible for writing the MACROS in both Word and Excel to organize the scanned text. Keith Edwards Responsible for considerable bill coding.
  • Christa Watson Responsible for scanning pages of the congressional record into digital format.
  • Laurel Harbridge Responsible for coding and integrating additional data to the bills data sets.
  • Brittany Perry Responsible for coding and proofing.
  • Inayah Cooley (now Hays), Cheryl Williams, Amy Budner, Rebecca Carr, Heather Wilson coding, scanning, proofing and formatting


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