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5/14/2015 - We have had some turmoil in the ranks that is affecting our updating. Please check the data before you use them, perhaps by running frequencies on your variables. Currently, the 113th Congress and bills from the last month of the 112th do not include committee referral information (or whether the sponsor is a committee of referral member). We'll get to it. The PassH, PassS numbers are close for the 109th but not identical to those of the Resume of Congressional Activity (there seems to be a discrepancy with THOMAS).

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93rd Congress bill passage data problems. The Congressional Research Service has informed us that the THOMAS website contains errors for the 93rd Congress. In particular, many more bills actually passed than the passedH and passedS variables in our dataset indicate. These variables should not be used for this Congress.

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Citation: E. Scott Adler and John Wilkerson, Congressional Bills Project: (years of data), NSF 00880066 and 00880061. The views expressed are those of the authors and not the National Science Foundation.

Codebooks are here

1. Congressional Bills 80 through 113th Congresses.

These are large zipped tab delimited .txt files

80th through 92 (House and Senate)

(updated 4/27/2015)

93rd through 113th (House and Senate)

(updated 6/27/2015)

93rd through 114th (House and Senate)

(updated 9/07/2016) This file currently includes topic codes for bills introduced through the first session of the 114th Congress. In addition the data were collected using a new process and are more complete than the file above.

To open these files, unpack them using an unzip program. Then open a recent version of Excel, go to 'file' then 'data' then 'from text.' Both the 80-92 and the 93-112 Congresses files are tab delimited .txt. Please confirm that the columns have lined up properly before you use the data, and compute frequencies for variables of interest.

The 80-92 file has 229,317 records. The 93-113 file has 227,595 records.


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